A LEGO Education Innovation Studio offer World class LEGO® Education curriculum aligned to CBSE, ICSE, IB & IGCSE

STEAM activates Robotic ,Coding & Multimedia actives for kids after School Activities.

Children Upto the age of about 10 years are extremely energetic and active. Helping them utilize this energy in the most productive and fun ways would not only help keep them engaged, but also help in their overall mental, physical and emotional development, well into adulthood.

Enrichplay is all about keeping kids engaged and more. We are a brand that promotes collective, fun and active learning styles, incorporated through physical activity. Eco-friendly, educational, fun and gate way to a healthy imagination is at the core of our products and services. Enrichplay is involved in creating activity spaces for children, be it in educational institutions or at homes.

Our primary focus is to engage children via our activity spaces and products, helping nurture and stimulate their brain functioning, keeping them active physically and mentally. These activities further tend to enhance their thinking and strategic capabilities, also exposing them to the idea of winning and losing, and the importance of learning taking both in the same stride.

As a channel partner Enrich play engages with various other brands with similar core values for providing seemless experience to your children and helping you improve your versatile parenting skills.

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